March Airsoft Games

Wolverhampton Site:

Sunday 5th March 2017 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00

# This game is a prologue to our upcoming weekend PripYat event.
100 miles south of PripYat lies Chernobyl, the epicenter of a great disaster many years ago. Rumour has always had it that the Odessa Crime Syndicate strategically planned the tragic event which saw Ukraine lose one of it's most powerfull energy facilities and thousands of innocents die horrible, long suffering and painful deaths. As the burning ashes finally subside trickles of evidence regarding OCS involvement grows showing that not only did they destabilise the region but they did it for one thing and one thing only...Profit....knowing that at some point in the future the people of nearby cities and towns such as PripYat would take up arms against a government they thought were responsible for their suffering and try to repopulate under their own governance, they also knew they would need financial help to do so and that they would look anywhere and willing to do anything in desparation to generate it.
Unfortunatly core syndicate members live by the unethical code of their Godfather Kristoff Kraksak himself who was once heard bragging "Where there are desperate people there is profit to be made."

By freak chance an encrypted transmission picked up by Soviet and Ukranian listening stations hear OCS logistics organising a secret meeting with Kraksak and the syndicate leaders about the industrialisation and complete financial control of PripYat! This is finally the chance to end this evil regime's reign of terror once and for all and eradicate the chain of command completely.

#@^*decryption started#&%$^>>>>>Begin Transmission>>>>>>>Co-ordinates intercepted - TF11 8PN>>>>>>>Date Intercepted - 05-03-2017>>>>>>>Time Intercepted-08.30hrs>>>>>>>End Transmission>>>>>>>#@^*decryption end#&%$^
"Lock & Load"


If you are over 18 please fill in the details for every participant in your group and complete the online booking process this will help to speed up the booking in process upon your arrival (meaning more shooting time). If you have your own Airsoft kit then you can pay on the day but we still require you to book through our website form below. What this allows us to do is prefill in your signing in sheet so that on arrival at the site on the day you simply need to sign it.

Walk on Non Members £25 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Standard Members £20 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Plus Members £15 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on for Serving Forces £23 (pre booking required & pay on the day)

Limited Hire Weapons and Hire Kit available £45 all inclusive. 
ALL HIRES MUST be booked online and paid for in advance before being reserved for you. (Please see below to book)

Hire Kit Comprises: (1 x MP5, 1 x Magazine, 1,000 Rounds of BB Ammo & 1 x Mesh Mask).


Hire Optional Extras: (Pay for with cash on Day)
•    Fingerless Tactical Gloves Hire - £3.00
•    Safety Specs or Mask Hire for walk on's / Parents who want to go into the game zone - £3.00
Optional Extras: (Pay for with cash on Day)
•    Additional Ammo - £9.00 per 3,000 rounds
•    Fragmenting Grenade Strike Fuse - £4.00 each or 3 for £10.00 (Over 18's Only)
•    Smoke Grenade Strike Fuse - £4.00 each or 3 for £10.00 (Over 18's Only)
•    Mk5 Thunderflash Grenade Strike Fuse - £4.00 each or 3 for £10.00 (Over 18's Only)


Hire Gun Booking:
Please see below to book a hire gun.

Walk On Booking Link:
(Book Online & Pay on the day)


Southport Site:

PripYat The Civil Wars Camping Weekender 17th 18th & 19th March 2017

The venue for this event is close to Liverpool, Blackpool, Manchester and Preston.
C/O New Pleasureland Southport, Marine Drive, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1RX .


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