Pripyat The Civil Wars Weekender

PripYat The Civil Wars Camping Weekender 17th 18th & 19th March 2017

Venue Map

The venue is close to Liverpool, Blackpool, Manchester and Preston.
C/O Southport Pleasureland, Marine Drive, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1RX .

Ace Airsoft and Southport Pleasureland bring you a themed and immersive skirmish style weekend with a number of team objectives to complete, actors playing key roles and props to interact with, all set within a theme park and old abandoned zoo over two days of action, plus entertainment and a party on the Saturday night.

Pripyat, or Prypiat, is an abandoned town in northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus. The city was founded to house the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers, and was abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. Its population had been around 50,000 prior to the accident. Former residents formed a paramilitary organisation (Pripyat Peoples Paramilitary) with funding from the unethical gains of the infamous Ukranian Odessa Crime Syndicate are now rebuilding the area with the aim of completely repopulating by summer 2018 and gaining independance in its own right in the future. With the Ukranian government refusing to recognise Pripyat as an independant nation a coalition with Soviet Union forces has been forged and plans to take back Pripyat are well under way.

Whilst the PPP have been busy maintaining and rebuilding the water supply network the OCS have occupied the old chemical factory and supposedly starting manufacturing fertiliser for farming, however intel suggests that it is in fact narcotics for export being produced there instead.

The UNG have intercepted and arrested the daughter of Kristoff Kracksack (The Odessa Crime Syndicate's big Boss), Ivanka Craksack and two of her aide's and are holding them in the secure Prison Unit until helicopter extraction.
Meanwhile at the PPP controlled Airport a Ukranian scientist sypathetic to their cause has arrived to help with the decontamination of the water supply.

Soviet Spetsnaz Forces (Call Sign "Hammer"): Dress Code - Any Camo type or mix of, top and trousers.
Ukrainian National Guard (Call Sign "Trident"): Dress Code - Any Camo type or mix of, top and trousers.
Odessa Crime Syndicate (Call Sign "Charlie"): Dress Code - Any mix of civillian and camo, black or otherwise.
Pripyat Peoples Paramilitary (Call Sign "Kovac"): Dress Code - Any mix of civillian and camo, black or otherwise.

Is this a MilSim weekend?
This is not a MilSim event whereby you will be in game all weekend, think of it as Ace Airsoft & Southport Pleasureland bring you more of a long, fun, themed and immersive skirmish game with a number of team objectives to complete, actors playing key roles and props to interact with & use all set within a theme park and old abandoned zoo over the two days, plus some entertainment and a party on the Saturday night.


  • Day Passes now available (See bottom of this page) for those that cannot make the full weekend.
  • A £45 Deposit will gaurantee your place on the event (Balance in CASH only upon signing in)
  • Facebook Event Page (For Q&A etc)
  • 4 x Comedians booked for the Saturday Night Entertainment
  • Car Boot Sale on the Friday: Free to sell 3pm - 7pm
  • Friday 5pm - 7pm Hostage Rescue Competition with cash prize (See Itinerary Below)
  • FREE Prize Draw - If you have already booked in or book in before March 5th 2017 you will be automatically entered into our free prize draw to win a RIF (winner will be picked at random on the Sunday 19th March) the more book in the better the prize will be so spread the word and keep your fingers crossed....It could be you!
    Open to full weekend ticket holders only.
  • BattlePose - Give us your best battle pose at our green screen photo booth, we have numerous action packed background images to choose from and also an instant photo printing service. There will be a Prize on the Sat Night for the best / most outrageous pose. £5.00 for 3 x A5 photo prints.
  • SNIPERS: Snipers must bring a secondary weapon for use in the Prison / Train Station zones as these are very close quarters, a sniper rifle would be pretty much useless in these areas.


Please Note: Hire guns are NOT available for this event.

An entire theme park and abandoned zoo.

  • 140 Player Limit.
  • Camping included in the weekend ticket price.
  • Limited dorm style accomodation (book at the bottom of this page).
  • Toilet Block.
  • Safe Zone.
  • Airsoft Tech Stall.
  • Battery Charging Facilities.
  • Pyro (18+) & Ammo Shop.
  • Airsoft Car Boot Sale (£FREE to sell, free to browse - UKARA / VCRA Legislation applies).
  • Bar with entertainment*
    *Entertainment TBA watch this page for updates.
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • Hot Food Available
  • BattlePose Green Screen Photo Booth with instant photo print. (get photographed with a multitude of battlefield backgrounds).

The Camping Area, Accomodation and Bar are all Weapons Made Safe Areas.

Arrival Information:
Upon arrival please follow the directions of our staff to the signing in point, if you haven't booked you WILL NOT be allowed in.

SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THE MAIN SITE Should you need to smoke please either use the camping area, car park or outside the main doors.


(Friday 17th March 2017 14.00pm - 21.00pm) & (Saturday 18th March 2017 06.30am - 07.45am)
Doors open for your arrival, booking in, Your event wristband and player pack will be issued to you.
Players may then proceed to the camping or dormitory area to set up tents.
Players are then asked to proceed to the Chrono Area for gun checks and tagging.
Car Boot Sale 3pm - 7pm FREE to sell
We're running a Hostage Rescue time trial competition to give you the chance to win a cash prize. Can your elite unit release the hostages from our ultra secure, cruel and well guarded prison facility in time? Its a £1 per person to enter (max 6 people per unit at any one time). The unit that frees the most hostages in the shortest time period wins the entry fee pot, what better way to add some beer tokens for the evening than rescuing some damsels in distress! 5.00pm - 7.00pm.

Friday 19.00pm - Midnight
Licensed Bar (18+) and hot food will be available.

Itinerary Saturday 18th March 2017:
Signing in opens for those that couldn't arrive on the Friday evening (as above).

Signing in will be closed, if you don't arrive in good time you WILL NOT be allowed in and no refunds will be made.

Safety Briefing at the Bar, Itinerary Explained & Player Questions answered.

TL's (our guys) assigned to teams - Chrono will also be done at random during the weekend.

10.00am - 14.00pm
Team on Team Tournaments (Hammer vs Trident etc): Team on team games, awards and prizes given out at the evening party.

14.00pm - 15.00pm
Break - Food and drink, battery charging etc available at the Bar.

Start of immersive games.

Endex - (remember your positions for tomorrows start).

21.00pm - Midnight
Bar, BattlePose, 4 x Live on stage Comedian Acts, Team Tournament Awards, Licensed Bar (18+) and hot food available.

Itinerary Sunday 19th March 2017:

Get into position, the first objective of the day comes online.

13.00pm - 14.00pm
Break - Food and drink, battery charging etc available at the Bar.


Meet at the Bar for the Final Outcome.

End of weekend.




Q:     Can I come as a lone wolf on my own?
A:     Yes not a problem you probably won't be the only one and will be placed within one of our teams.

Q:     What is the minimum age for players?
A:     The minimum age is 14.

Q:     Can I bring my own caravan?
A:     Unfortunatley there isn't enough room in the camp site to accomodate caravans, however campervans and caravans will be allowed in the main car park.

Q:     Are there toilets on site?
A:     Yes plenty for everyone male and female.

Q:     Are there washing facilities?
A:     Only the sinks in the toilet blocks, if you do use these please leave them in a good condition.

Q:     Can I bring pets such as a dog?
A:     In short NO, for reasons of safety and animal welfare no pets or animals will be allowed on site.

Q:     Are there any charging facilities?
A:     Yes if you have a charger we can charge it.

Q:     Can I pay a deposit and the rest in cash on the day?
A:     Yes, simply select the deposit payment option during booking - PLEASE NOTE IT WILL BE CASH ONLY for the balance on arrival.

Q:     What is included in the Dormitory Accommodation?
A:     Inside Dorm style accomodation includes an Inflatable Single Air Bed, Dorm Lighting & Electric Socket.

Q:     Are there uniform dress code rules for each team?
A:     Yes, please see the teams as listed above.

Q:     Are HPA guns allowed?
A:     There will be no HPA charging facilities however, they are permitted as long as they meet our FPS limits when chrono'd and are locked off.

Q:     What are the FPS Limits?
A:     Anything capable of semi or fully automatic fire is 350FPS, Single action (requires recocking) is 500FPS (minimum engagement distance 30m).

Q:     When do I get my player pack?
A:     When you arrive at the venue and sign in your player pack will be handed to you.

Q:     Is smoking allowed on site?
A:     Smoking is only allowed in the camp site area, in the car park or outside the main doors, everywhere else on site is STRICTLY NO SMOKING.

Q:     Can I buy pyro's and ammo on site?
A:     Yes there will be a limited amount of both available to buy during the event (pyro 18+), however what we do recommend is that you purchase it along with your ticket below to reduce the chances of dissapointment, your items will then be ready to collect upon your arrival along with your player pack.

Q:     Can I bring my own pyro's?
A:     Only TLSFX Pea or Powder filled pyro's are allowed to be brought or used on site. Smoke grenades will not be allowed but we may use some controlled placements to create scenes.

Q:     Is this event weather dependant?
A:     This event will still go on no matter what the weather.


  • Pyrotechnics other than TLSFX Pea or Powder Filled Grenades
  • Smoking (except in designated areas as above)
  • Pets of any kind
  • Real Weapons of any kind
  • Hard Plastic Knives (Soft rubber is ok though)
  • Fires, Stoves & BBQ's Due to the limitations and restrictions placed on us by our insurers no open flame appliances will be allowed at the venue at any time. Contract Caterers will be available to provide food and drink throughout the event (not included in ticket price).
  • Due to the venue having its own premises license only alcohol purchased from the premises may be consumed at the bar area of the premises. Consumption of alcohol in any other part of the venue including the camping area is forbidden.
  • Tents bigger than 4 man
  • Climbing of rides in the theme park.

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