+++ COVID-19 UPDATE +++

++ Ace Airsoft Wolverhampton COVID-19 UPDATE ++
Please note that this page may be updated regularly.

Please see below for the measures we are putting in place to help to keep you all safe and well. A Booking link will be coming soon!!

Unfortunatley delays may be ineviatable during these unprecedented times to ensure the measures we have laid out below work effectively for your safety and well being, we appreciate your patience and  understanding to help us make our sport a safe as possible environment.


  •  If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of Covid 19 such as a new persistant cough, high temperature, loss of taste and or smell please do not attend a game.
  •  Please only travel with others from a different household if government guidelines allow you to.
  •  We are capping the numbers of players per game day and have extended the safe zone area so that players have a 2m distance between them in order to fulfill our commitment to social distancing.
  •  Only players that have Pre booked & prepaid via our website will be allowed to attend, so no walk on players on the day this will help with numbers control and with the aim of going cashless if possible.
  • Ammo and Pyro supplies will be available to buy via the website only to help with going cashless and with handling of product but please oprder them in time (THE CUT OFF FOR THESE IS MIDDAY ON THE WEDNESDAY PRIOR TO THE GAME).
  • Unfortunatley there will be NO rentals guns available due to them having to be handled regularly by both staff and players.
  • All of our staff will be issued hand sanitiser and also be using facemasks coverings and gloves in the safe zone plus for any role that requires close proximity to a player.
  • We'll be using a megaphone during the Safety Briefings (as well as a leafleted copy of the safety briefing handed out to you on arrival) and Game Briefings so that everyone doesn't need to be gathered around in mass and are able to social distance safely.
  • When arriving please stay in your cars until a marshal signs you in and directs you into the safe zone for placement, should the safe zone become too overcrowded you may be asked to base yourself from your cars instead so please arrive early.
  • There will be a 2 meter socially distanced queue system in place for the chrono area and the onsite cafe (on a one in & one out basis).
  • The safe zone will have extra Hand Sanitiser station available for player use and we will be encouraging regular hand washing.



  1. Arrive in the car park and wait for marshal instructions before getting out of your car and entering the safe zone, this will help us to safely place you.
  2. When instructed enter the safe zone and place belongings where directed and set your kit up.
  3. Chrono as soon as possible as we will have to do this queued one at a time to be safely socially distanced.
  4. Be ready and listen carefully to the new and updated safety briefing.



  • Please try to keep at least a 2 Meter distance from any other player during games. Marshals will keep aware of this and will intervene when neccessary.
  • There will be No medic rules during games.
  • There will be No props to interact with to ensure multiple handling doesn't take place.