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Our next exciting game date at Ace Airsoft - Wolverhampton Woodland:
SATURDAY 16th December 2023 - Santa v Krampus "Christmas Special"
Presents to win and FREE Minced Pies at Luchtime too.


NEW YEAR 2024 game dates:
Sunday 07th January 2024 + Sunday 21st January 2024

For those of you who are already looking forward to an action packed 2024 what better way to start the New Year than with these two epic and battle filled days of Airsoft fun.


Our site boasts two contrasting game zones The Wasteland & The Lost Kingdon - Maps below
With a large covered safe zone, car parking for around 60 cars, friendly and helpful marshals plus an on site cafe for your lunchtime essentials you're guaranteed to have a great time.

The Wasteland, normally played in the morning is an open area flat lands and great for hardcore battles featuring Helicopters, Underground Bunkers, Multiple Barricades & Vehicles, A Fuel Depot, Trenches, Missile Trucks, A Communication Station, A Crash Site and Field Ambulance plus lots more.

The Lost Kingdom usually played in the afternoon is a long forgotten jungle warfare zone with lots of natural cover, great for ghillie suits & snipers and the more sneaky tactical player and features Ancient Monuments, Multiple Barricades, Trenches, Islands, A Stream & Bridges, Hillside Bunkers and embankments, Huts and a Snipers Ridge.