By making this booking you agree to all of the following statements;

You agree to our Cancellation & Refunds Policy: in which;
1) We reserve the right to cancel any event for reasons beyond our reasonable control and that should such a circumstance arise we will issue a full refund for any and all monies or fees that you have paid to us within 30 days of our notice of the event cancellation to you.

2) If you fail to turn up at an event or don't inform us 3 days or more prior to the event that you are unable to attend, we are unable to issue a refund.

3) If you cancel your attendance to an event and inform us of this 3 days or more prior to the event date we can offer a full refund or an alternative booking date.


I want to participate in activities organised by Ace Group and book on in consideration of being given the opportunity to do so.

I understand and accept that activities provided by Ace Group can be dangerous and I participate in these event at my own risk. I confirm that the following statements are true:

a) I am fit and healthy to participate in this event and that I do not have an existing heart condition, suffer from high blood pressure or any other medical condition that might hinder me whilst the event is in play : YES

b) That Ace  Group has consented to me participating in this event: YES

c) That all persons having any connection with the ownership, promotion, control or conduct of this event are absolved from all liabilities arising from my participation or negligent acts causing damage or personal injury: YES

Terms and Conditions – YOU must comply with ALL of these requirements

Safety goggles or Safety masks must be worn at all times in areas where Airsoft Guns are in use. YES

Suitable footwear must be worn in the game zone, no sandals or heels. YES

Alcohol must not be consumed before or during the event. YES

Participants must respect all hire equipment as well as other players. - YES

Ace Group reserve the right to refuse entry or to bar any participant(s) from the event at their own discretion. - YES

Ace  Group disclaims liability for anyone injured as a result of the removal of safety equipment whilst the event takes place - YES

Any abuse or threatening behaviour to any member of staff or player will result in instant barring of any person or group. - YES

YOU must comply with the instructions and advice given by Ace Group staff. Failure to comply will result in warning that could lead to instant barring - YES

I have read and fully understand the above text and that I participate in this event at my own risk. I also understand that I may be refused to participate in any activities without refund if I appear to be under the influence of non prescribed medications or drugs. - YES

By booking onto this event I agree to all of the above and the terms and conditions for activities organised by Ace Group for the date shown in my booking. - YES